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Lifted Souls is a community-based organisation situated in Mwea, Kenya funded in 2018.

We are a grassroots movement addressing the issue of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in our community. Forms of violence we address include physical, sexual, psychological and economic violence and we seek to eliminate these by creative means including:

- Awareness and training on Gender-Based Violence

- Sexual health and reproductive health facilitation

- Income-generating activities

- Reporting and response systems for stakeholders

- Care and counselling centre referrals

We focus on tackling unhealthy socially accepted practices embedded in our traditions that encourage Gender-Based Violence and inequalities between genders. As an organisation, we seek to leave a sustainable impact and conserve healthy cultural practices.


Our Mission

To challenge and reform social constructs that encourage Gender-Based Violence in our community.

Our Vision

To see the end of gender inequality and conserve healthy cultural practices that make our community distinct.

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